Andy Vaughn


“Your communication style is great; powerful, bold, and supportively action oriented.”Business consulting client

“One of Andy’s most redeeming capabilities is his ability to actually achieve change.”Business development client

Andy wearing a suit jacket and shirt, stands under a snowy tree

Andy Vaughn has been working with businesses since 1996, professionally since 2005. He received his master’s degree in sport & exercise psychology from Oregon State University, and holds a bachelor’s degree in health & psychology from Southern Oregon University.

Andy founded multiple companies across coaching, design, software, education, CPG, and “green” packaging spaces. As an executive, Andy holds experience overseeing Marketing, Sales, and Operations departments.

Andy’s approach to consulting stands upon his varied business background, education in psychology, and a strong foundation in behavioral analytics.


Whether you’re a startup that is working on building out an operations team, or a mature company looking to find margin before an exit, contact Andy to schedule a meeting or discuss your project.