Andy Vaughn

Category: code

WordPress and jQuery

WordPress natively uses jQuery. It is part of the WordPress core files, but the source can be overridden to reduce server load on your website by offloading the script source to Google’s Hosted Libraries. Here’s how to use Google as a CDN for WordPress and jQuery: In your theme’s functions.php file, add the following code: […]

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The Evolution of a professional web developer

Today, I reflected on websites I’ve built in the past and the tools I’ve come to deem essential along the way. Essentially, my evolution as a professional web developer. When you first start a vocation, highlighting your strengths is the most pressing need. It’s difficult to stand apart from the crowd, differentiate yourself, and often […]

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PHP Copyright

There’s little that annoys me as much as going to a website that is an authority on some subject, and it has an outdated copyright. Here’s a very simple script to replace all of your copyrights, so that they are constantly updated with the latest year. <p>Copyright 2007-<?php echo(date(‘Y’));?>.</p> This is, of course, assuming that […]

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