Andy Vaughn

Category: design

Call to Engage

Most websites are designed to direct you towards a “call to action.” This may be a call to purchase, contact, subscribe, tweet, or download. “Click here” and your wildest fantasies will come true… This is a very important component to brick and mortar businesses on the Web that need to quantitatively measure the number of […]

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Museo Sans 500

Today I switched my body font from Qlassik to Museo Sans 500. I also replaced the italic styles to Museo Sans 500 Italic. It’s a great-looking sans-serif font created by Jos Buivenga based on the Museo font. I downloaded the fonts from MyFonts and created the @font-face stack through FontSquirrel. Let me know what you […]

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Chess Puzzles

Chess Puzzles is a website that I designed and strategically programmed for John Bain two and a half years ago. It’s still going strong, with over ten-thousand visitors monthly playing and participating in the daily puzzles. The website was built using WordPress as a CMS, and the chess tactic engine was programmed using a custom […]

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