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The Evolution of a professional web developer

Today, I reflected on websites I’ve built in the past and the tools I’ve come to deem essential along the way. Essentially, my evolution as a professional web developer. When you first start a vocation, highlighting your strengths is the most pressing need. It’s difficult to stand apart from the crowd, differentiate yourself, and often […]

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How to write CSS for a CMS

When writing CSS, it’s very important to pay attention to the “cascading” factor in your stylesheets, as opposed to simply adding style on top of style. When writing CSS for a content management system, it is vital to harness the strength of the cascade, and not repeat yourself. I’m going to show you how I […]

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Museo Sans 500

Today I switched my body font from Qlassik to Museo Sans 500. I also replaced the italic styles to Museo Sans 500 Italic. It’s a great-looking sans-serif font created by Jos Buivenga based on the Museo font. I downloaded the fonts from MyFonts and created the @font-face stack through FontSquirrel. Let me know what you […]

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