Andy Vaughn


I’m Back. Let’s Make Magic.

Hello Friends! After a lovely break from consulting, I’m back in action and ready to help you take your business to the next level. Need a Fractional COO or CMO to help get your company organized and flourishing? Let’s connect.

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WordPress and SEO

WordPress is perfectly designed for taking maximum advantage of SEO “tricks”, and converting it to high-visibility conversion pages for your business. I’ve done this numerous times with clients, and have seen it have tangible effects. Note: You can achieve the same effect I’m about to discuss with hand-coded websites or other CMS’s (Drupal for example), […]

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Website Redevelopment – Work the System

I was fortunate to work with Sam Carpenter again, along with a design and marketing team to re-develop the mature Work the System blog and website. I was tasked with WordPress custom development, and UglyMug handled the design. Good work all around, I’d say. Take a look for yourself.

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