Andy Vaughn


Life and business ebb and flow. Growth, change occurs to adapt to new markets, customer needs, family needs, employee needs, health needs. Eventually though, human nature likes to return to balance. This new balance may be different than the old balance, that’s called adaptation. Balance gets achieved, adaptation occurs, a new inventory is taken, and – soon enough – new growth is sought and striven towards.

This is the nature of biological ecosystems, muscle physiology, and business. If you are in a time of growth and change, then knuckle-down and strive forth. But, don’t take inventory until you have achieved a new balance and adaptation. In other words: sprint.

If you are in a balanced-state, and have adapted to the environment or recent growth, it’s time to take inventory. Are you where you would like to be? What did you sacrifice that you want to regain? What did you improve that you want to keep? Take inventory, put your head down, and grow.

Posted by Andy Vaughn on May 4, 2009

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