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Recent Work – Pili Hunters

Recently I had the good fortune to work with Pili Hunters .

Pili Hunters Logo of a man with a surfboard and spear

Have you ever eaten a pili nut? They’re delicious, full of healthy nutrients, and sustainably sourced from the Philippines.

Pili Hunters brings pili nuts to the United States, and them retail in supermarkets and direct to consumer, nation wide. They’ve got great market presence, an easily-addictive food product, and an adventurous story.

I was introduced to Jason right after he appeared on ABC’s The Shark Tank, and they were still plowing through all the orders that came in.

As you can imagine, appearing on national television offers a massive marketing lift. This lift can make or break a small business. The Pili Hunters team was doing a fantastic job holding down the fort. They needed someone with strategic marketing experience across all the selling platforms (Shopify, Amazon FBM & FBA) and marketing platforms (Google AdWords, Meta Ads) to make sure they were growing as strongly as possible.

I enjoyed working with Jason and his team, and am excited to see them continue to grow and spread the word of the tasty pili nut around the world.

Posted by Andy Vaughn on January 22, 2024

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