Andy Vaughn

Battle of the Blankets

I’m usually a very motivated person. In fact, I still feel like a motivated person. But, I guess with the new baby and an enormous lack of sleep, I’ve been battling with my blankets for the last couple of weeks.

You may have experienced this before – it’s when you struggle to fall asleep at night for some reason or another. And, in the morning, when you’ve finally achieved a modicum of sleep, you struggle to get up and escape the warm embrace of the blankets. Yeah, I’m fighting that.

It’s getting a little better now that I’m forcing myself to go to bed earlier, but I still have a proclivity towards staying up late, and sleeping in.

Until I can offset my work hours, here’s three cheers to discipline, hurrah, hurrah, zzzzz!

Posted by Andy Vaughn on April 14, 2009

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