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Blogging on a Ride

I bring my mobile phone with me wherever I go. When I ride my bike, I often bring my phone for its GPS capabilities, in case I get lost. When I run, I bring my phone with me in case I get stung by a bee and need to call for help (after taking my benadryl, of course).

Mountain biking the Umpqua - by Gabriel AmadeusOne of the benefits to bringing my phone on adventure expeditions is the voice recorder function. Some of my best ideas for code, product refinement, or marketing come while I am exercising. Bringing my phone to voice record allows me to put it all down immediately before it leaves my easily-distracted, under-slept, work-at-home Dad brain.

On a recent bike ride, I stopped four times to record my thoughts. It was a great ride, and I was able to solve so many issues that had been plaguing me. I just had to record my resolutions. When I got home, I was able to write down most of what I spoke (there were pauses, backups, and “ums”). And, after writing it down, I was able to edit, format, organize my recording into a decent piece of written work. Much lengthier than I would have been able to accomplish had I simply sat down post-adventure and tried to record everything I thought about after-the-fact.

Consider next time you’re out and about to record your thoughts and turn it into your next blog post, book page, or marketing proposal.

Posted by Andy Vaughn on August 27, 2012

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