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Time Targeting Ads

When you run an online ad campaign, say through Google Adwords or Facebook do you run it equally from weekends to weekdays? Do you run it equally between work hours and after hours?

If you’re clear about your business’ market demographic, you should have very unequal exposure for your campaigns. For example, I will often run a personal blog-development campaign only on weekends on Facebook, since I am targeting individuals who will spend after-hours time during the weekends looking to develop their personal blogs. These same individuals often have 8-5pm jobs, family time in the evenings, and are unable to look at expansion or get in touch with a designer until the weekend. Since I am aware of this being my target market for personal blog design, I am more likely to get a higher exposure and click-through-rate on the weekends.

How about high-zoot B2B marketing agencies? If they are looking to target large companies with their ad campaigns, do you think they would benefit greater from weekend advertising, after-hours weekday advertising, or work-hours advertising? I think there would be a greater acquisition rate and ad relevancy during work hours, since they will be more likely to satisfy the search requirements of a business exec between 8-5pm.

Do you consider this when you run your campaign? It might be just the boost you need.

Posted by Andy Vaughn on August 3, 2012

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