Andy Vaughn

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WordPress and SEO

WordPress is perfectly designed for taking maximum advantage of SEO “tricks”, and converting it to high-visibility conversion pages for your business. I’ve done this numerous times with clients, and have seen it have tangible effects. Note: You can achieve the same effect I’m about to discuss with hand-coded websites or other CMS’s (Drupal for example), […]

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Dunbar’s Number

Dunbar’s Number is a theory suggesting that there is a limit to the number of stable social relationships one can keep track of and maintain. From Wikipedia: It has been proposed to lie between 100 and 230, with a commonly used value of 150. When I first started on Twitter, I had a difficult time […]

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Amazon Glacier

I just came across this resource, but late this summer, Amazon AWS released their new product: Glacier, which is a cloud storage service for backing up heavy data. With costs as low as $.01/month for 1GB storage, it scales inexpensively for large sites. Lately, I’ve been working on sites with larger data and backup requirements. […]

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