Andy Vaughn

Category: business

Blogging on a Ride

I bring my mobile phone with me wherever I go. When I ride my bike, I often bring my phone for its GPS capabilities, in case I get lost. When I run, I bring my phone with me in case I get stung by a bee and need to call for help (after taking my […]

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Time Targeting Ads

When you run an online ad campaign, say through Google Adwords or Facebook do you run it equally from weekends to weekdays? Do you run it equally between work hours and after hours? If you’re clear about your business’ market demographic, you should have very unequal exposure for your campaigns. For example, I will often […]

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WordPress Workshops in Bend

I am planning on organizing some upcoming WordPress workshops here in Bend. There has been growing interest from some of the graphic designers that I work with to get to know the fundamentals a little better. The class would be aimed at design professionals who are learning how to turn their designs into a working […]

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