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Cre8Camp Corvallis

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Here are some notes that I took during yesterday’s Cre8Camp. Enjoy.

Passive Income

User-Experience Design

  • Important questions regarding users:
    • How many?
    • What types of personas?
    • What are they trying to achieve?
  • Paper testing wireframes
  • CrazyEgg
  • Silverback

Creative Community Next-Steps

  • Schedule a consistent gathering:
    • Weekly – saturated, but reliable.
    • Bi-weekly – still reliable, less saturated.
    • Monthly – too infrequent for consistency and reliability.
  • Possibly tie in the Mad Collective’s 4:59 workshops.
  • Reach the creative college student market, somehow.
  • Hard-to-reach creative “voyeur” group that fears networking
  • Venue for “adult beverages” preferential

Giving Back

  • Pro-bono work:
    • Invoicing for pro-bono work with value of donation.
    • Clearly define scope, to avoid scope-creep.
    • Tax write-offs of pro-bono work with value of time. (ex. treating yourself as an employee of your own business, and accounting for your salary/time)

Thanks to Truen, Jeff, Rebecca, Lainie, Element Graphics, NWGI, Santiago (for the shirt design), and everyone else for participating and helping in a successful event.

Posted by Andy Vaughn on May 17, 2009

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