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I quit

Such a dejecting title. Alas, it is such a refreshing act. Come June 5th, I will once again be back in the game. Two workweeks left, and I can test my meddle.

I quit my current position, so that I can return to the healthier lifestyle that I advocate. I have now set it in my schedule to spend time with my daughter and wife in the mid-afternoon for a few hours, then return to evening meetings. This will be a beacon for my days.

Don’t get me wrong – I highly enjoy working with small businesses on projects, and can’t wait to jump with both feet. But, the micro-step that was taken was to bring myself home for the purposes of a healthier environment. I want you to consider your workplace: is it conducive to good health? Is your cubicle-space well ventilated, and have windows? How about walking paths nearby. Is there some form of recreation that you can partake in during lunch?

Luckily, at home I have the trailhead to the Mac Dunn forest starting in my back yard. So, finding a good lunchtime reprieve will be easy.

I will be working from my home office, to begin with. I believe that it is important to pay attention to the budget and keeping a low-overhead monthly expense, when starting any new business.

There are some fantastic work spaces locally, that I would love to co-inhabit, or rent-out. But, initially it is important to stay lean.

I will update you as the business progresses. Websites and small business consulting will be the game. Andy Vaughn is my name.

Posted by Andy Vaughn on May 26, 2009

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  1. Congrats on taking those steps… Looking forward to seeing what is next for you! I especially love that you say right up front that you’ll be doing some work at night in exchange for spending time with your daughter and wife during the day — that is precious.

  2. andy says:

    Thanks, Derek. It means a lot to see that others also value family in the daily routine.

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